Japanese Cuisine and Restaurant Choices for First-Time Foodies

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese CuisineNo true foodie experience can exist without trying the food of other countries. Asia has an explosive and colourful array of great food experiences, and Japanese cuisine is worth the trip. There are many kinds of Japanese restaurants and food so you have many options when you visit.

Sushi Bar

The sushi bar serves your dish in two forms: through a conveyor belt or a sushi chef. Traditionalists prefer seeing the sushi chef prepare their meal, and that’s the charm of it. Seeing your food prepared by someone who studied for years just to be able to slice seafood into a micron’s width is an amazing experience.

Conveyor belts can be almost completely automated, with machines dishing out perfectly formed rice and seasoned toppings without making the customer wait for very long. Each dish, regardless of your choice in service, is priced individually.

Ramen House

Ever heard of Naruto? He’s a popular anime character obsessed with ramen, and rightly so. Ramen is a noodle dish served with meat, fish, vegetables and different kinds of broth. San Kai Japanese Restaurant says you can enjoy all sorts of flavours from sour, sweet and spicy. Ramen bars or stalls are the fast food equivalent of Japanese cuisine, giving diners a gastronomic experience that is both quick and convenient. Prepare for big crowds after work hours.

Fusion/International Restaurant

Big restaurants that offer all sorts of Japanese or Japanese inspired dishes are a big hit for today’s South Bank crowd. You can get everything from sushi, ramen, donburi, katsu and tempura, to other scrumptious dishes with more than three syllables. It gets its popularity from being very accessible. This is especially true for the buffet type restaurants where, at a fixed price, you can explore your food options to your heart’s and belly’s content.

Whether you’re the CEO of a company or a temp working in the mail room, you have every opportunity to enjoy different kinds of Japanese foodie experiences. The key is to know what really appeals to you. Enjoy the food and always remember to leave a review.