Get Rid of Those Nerves

dentist appointment

One in 10 people in the UK has extreme dental anxiety. Widen that out to include people with moderate dental anxiety and that figure jumps up to one in 3. For those with extreme dental anxiety visiting the dentist in Southgate, even for a check-up, can leave them frozen with fear. For those with moderate dental anxiety, a check-up might be manageable but the prospect of any kind of dental treatment is just too much to handle.

Thankfully with a modern dentist in Southgate, such as Adams Dental, patients with dental anxiety are catered for, whether they come in for a routine check-up or dental treatment.

Here are a few ways that a dentist in Southgate can help.

No Need to Feel Scared with Sedation

Certain dental treatments are more involved than others, such as restoring missing teeth with dental implants. Such treatments involve oral surgery. While pain is taken care of with local anaesthetic, this doesn’t necessarily help with feelings of anxiousness. Dental sedation, on the other hand, deals with exactly this. It comes in 2 forms, oral or intravenous, both of which help a patient feel more relaxed, while not intended to put them to sleep.

Help at Hand with Hypnosis

Increasingly, modern dental practices offer alternative therapies, including hypnosis, to help ease dental anxiety. Hypnosis can be targeted to help deal with anxiety over specific issues, whether that’s fear of dental pain or more generally the dental practice environment.

Easing Excessive Nerves with Entertainment

Sometimes all it takes to reduce dental anxiety is a little distraction. Patients can lie back and watch TV during their dental check-up or treatment. For treatments such as root canal therapy, which take a bit longer, patients can pop on a pair of DVD glasses to watch a film. Noise-cancelling headphones are another way to make the dental experience less stressful by drowning out the sounds of dental appliances with music.

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Goodbye Nerves, Hello Dental Health

With so many different ways to help patients deal with their nerves, there is less reason to avoid a trip to the dentist in Southgate. Patients can rest easy knowing their anxiety will be treated with compassion and their dental health will reap the benefits.