3 Signs Your Workout is Too Easy

Woman exercising at home

The best, most effective exercises are a balance of easy and difficult. Easy, in a way that it lets you have fun and difficult, in a way that keeps you challenged. But in most instances, workouts seem to be a little too easy and too fun that there’s no sense of working hard anymore. If you see the following signs, it means your routines are too easy and you would have to be switched up:

1. You’re No Longer Sweating

Or you don’t feel that exhausted anymore after the workout. This is typical for people who have been doing the same routine for weeks or months. The body has grown accustomed to the strains of the physical activity that it’s not working that hard anymore.

The solution here is to introduce your body to either new physical activities or same exercises, but with higher intensity. Get In Shape For Women noted that many fitness studios offer classes designed for different workout needs, so consider joining them.

2. You can Easily Chat with Friends

Exercises get more fun when you do it with a buddy, but if you’re able to talk to your friends without panting or trailing off in your chitchat, then your workout isn’t hard enough. Perhaps you would need a new gym buddy who can leave you out of breath in between conversations. In fact, they can be a fitness coach. This “buddy” can help you in switching up moves and at the same time, redirect conversations from gossips to fitness goals.

3. You Don’t Feel Sore

Muscle soreness is a result of micro tears in your muscles when you workout. The body repairs these tears when you’re resting, creating new lean muscle mass. It doesn’t follow that you always have to feel pain after exercise, but if you haven’t been experiencing that sore in the last few months, then you must consider your routines again. Perhaps you need heavier weights or longer running distances. Ask your fitness coach though how you can safely ease your body into a more intense exercise.

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Is your workout too easy? You could be religiously going to the gym, and not see a difference, if you’re not engaging in unchallenging routines. So, perhaps it’s time for the change.