Don’t Avoid the Dentist, Get Sedation Instead

dentist with a sedated patient

20 percent of Americans are afraid of the dentist, so much so that they will avoid having their teeth checked to avoid seeing the dentist. Dental sedation can help ease the tension in frightened patients.

Fear of the dentist is in the top ten of most common phobias. It’s so common that an epidemic proportion of people would instead not visit a dentist. Meridian cosmetic dentistry clinics now offer ‘phobia-friendly’ solutions to help the nervous patient.

An inviting atmosphere, television screens showing relaxing and beautiful scenery and the use of ‘needle-free’ devices to numb the mouth can help allay fears. Discussing what is causing the fear of the dental health provider may also reassure. If these measures don’t help, there’s dental sedation.

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation is the use of sedative medications to make a person sleepy during treatment. It may not put the person to sleep but should make them relaxed enough not to care what is going on around them.

Types of Sedation

Types of sedation include:

Nitrous Oxide (Gas and Air) – Breathing nitrous oxide will make the patient feel light-headed, and they will have fewer inhibitions. The effects of gas and air wear off quickly so it will still be possible to drive a car afterwards.

Oral Sedation – Taking sedative tablets before the procedure can help. The most commonly used drug is Halcion, a form of Valium. Oral sedation is the type of sedation that most dentists prefer. The patient can snooze but are easily awakened.

IV Sedation – IV sedation is the same as oral sedation with the exception that the drug is delivered via a cannula. This is advantageous for very frightened patients as it works faster than the oral version.

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Lots of people dislike going to the dentist, but there are lots of ways a ‘phobia-friendly’ practice can help patients feel at ease, including sedation dentistry for treatment without fear.