3 Amazingly Cool Things to Do in Utah National Parks

Utah National ParkUtah is a bunch of heady natural experiences that cover a massively varied topography ranging from beaches to lakes to snow-capped mountains to arid rocky terrains. Its rugged charms and untouched wilderness make Utah’s national parks one of the most sought after destinations for campers, hikers, photographer’s and nature enthusiasts. 

Here are some cool things to do in Utah, reports 801 Power Sports.

Photography at Arches National Park

The unique and fascinating red rocks at Arches National Park cast brilliant hues on the landscape of the park throughout the day to provide perfect photography opportunities. The image of the Delicate Arch has come to symbolize America’s West, while the dramatic visuals of the park at sundown are a photographer’s delight. There is a handy table created by the National Park Service to educate photographers about the notable features of the park at different times.

Mountain Bike Riding at Dead Horse Point

The name comes from the time when cowboys led wild herds of mustangs 2,000 feet over the Colorado river. Enjoy the spectacular views of the adjoining Canyonlands National Park on a thrilling bike outing on the park’s moderate riding trails, suitable for all levels. The park trails can be ridden on through the year, and The Intrepid Trail is especially popular for the single track loops variety.

Wildlife Watching at Antelope Island State Park

Drive to Antelope Island State Park in Great Salt Lake via an adventure-packed causeway trail to catch panoramic vistas of the Wasatch Mountains. Visitors can feast their eyes on plenty of wildlife species at the park, including bison herds (about 550 and more per herd), coyotes, pronghorn bobcats and deer. Get here during the exciting annual bison roundup event.

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Utah’s national parks offer plenty of adventures such as photography at Arches National Park, mountain biking at the Dead Horse Point, wildlife watching at Antelope Island State Park and more. You can also enjoy camping, hiking and mountain climbing, in addition to boating at Lake Powell.