The Top 5 Concerns to Ask Your Surgeon About Neck Surgery

doctors performing surgery

Has your doctor recommended surgery for a nagging neck problem? You should then get the facts about the expected procedure. Here are five questions to ask your doctor about cervical spine surgery.

Why do I need surgery?

When it comes to cervical spine problems or injuries, several treatment options exist. For example, your New Jersey doctor may suggest endoscopic cervical discectomy for a herniated disc; it’s minimally invasive and will not need complex procedures.

Your doctor will only recommend surgery after considering the location, type, and severity of your neck problem. The surgeon will also consider your health condition, age, and activities. Your doctor should help you understand why surgery is the right option.

What happens during the operation?

Getting specifics about the operation can help put you at ease. Find out how many incisions the operation requires. Ask about the procedures involved. For example, will you need spinal to help stabilize the spine? You should also know how long the operation will take place.

How should I prepare for the surgery?

Most surgical procedures require you to make some type of preparation, from fasting the night before to not taking certain medicines days before your procedure. Ask your doctor about what you need to do or avoid before surgery. Follow them to the letter to avoid complications.

What do I expect after surgery?

After a surgical procedure, you may need to take pain relievers for some discomfort. Your doctor can tell you about where you may feel pain, how severe the pain may be, and how long it may last.

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What’s the recovery time?

Most surgical procedures will require patients to stay in hospitals a couple of days after the operation. But medical technology is improving procedures so well by reducing risks and shortening recovery time. Ask your doctor if your procedure could allow you to return home soon after the operation.

You have a right to know every aspect of your treatment, especially when it involves surgery. So ask your doctor about your concerns. The more you know about the procedure, the less daunting it will feel.