The Benefits of Dental Implants

dental implant x-rayWhat are the benefits of dental implants in Herefordshire? For starters, dental implants are created to be exactly like a set of real teeth so therefore they look, they feel, and they function just like a set of normal, real teeth. This has many advantages over other tooth restoration treatments, such as bridges or dentures which can be potentially uncomfortable or irritable on the gums. One main advantage is dental implants have a ‘root’ just like real teeth have roots.

These roots are in fact tiny titanium rods which are inserted into the jawbone. This has many benefits, the main one being the maintained strength of the jawbone. Another benefit is that having a root creates a solid and secure foundation for the replacement tooth. This means there is no need to remove it when eating or brushing. Having a root also keeps the replaced tooth in place hence making it more comfortable. No more potential slippage as can happen with dentures. If a secure tooth replacement treatment is required, then dental implants in Herefordshire are offered by all good dental clinics such as Warrendale Dental.

What is the process for dental implants?

In Herefordshire, dental implants are inserted during a surgical procedure. The process may sound daunting but it is in fact actually not as scary as it seems. There is always the option of sedation which can be discussed with the dentist before any treatment takes place. Depending on how many teeth need replacing, one titanium rod can carry up to three replacement teeth on it. Dental implants can replace the entire upper or lower arch if needs be. After the titanium rods have been inserted a healing process is required. The amount of time this takes can vary between patients and their individual cases. After the healing process has completed, the newly designed replacement tooth, teeth or arch is secured to the rods and the new teeth are created.

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In Herefordshire, dental implants need to be cared for and maintained exactly like real teeth. Brushing techniques are an important part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums and ensuring that real teeth and dental implants alike are kept clean and well looked after.