In the Red: How Vitamin B12 Injections Can Help You

a doctor talking to her patient

Hollywood and medicine rarely intersect, but when they do, innovation is sure to happen. One of the medical trends to take center stage is vitamin injections. Vitamin injections take the place of traditional pills and tablets by giving you a shot of nutrition — literally.

Around Salt Lake City, MD Diet locations can inject you with that much-needed dose of vitamins. But not everybody is too keen about a needle.

If you still have apprehensions, why don’t you try sucking on an orange and take a look at the many benefits of vitamin injections? MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC shares why.

B for Booster

Studies show that up 90% of Americans are deficient in at least one vitamin or mineral. These can range from Vitamin D to Potassium, and most especially Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin essential in neurological function, energy production and red blood cell health.

People with Vitamin B12 deficiency might not show symptoms right away, but if you start to experience tingling in the hands or feet, breathlessness and dizziness, as well as disturbed vision, you might have Vitamin B12 deficiency.

However, there is nothing to be worried about. Studies also show that while B vitamins such as Vitamin B12 are found in the foods we eat, the body can absorb these better in liquid form. This is where vitamin injections come in.

Other B12 Benefits

Vitamin B12 can also aid people experiencing constant fatigue. A Vitamin B12 injection can increase energy production and better metabolism, perfect for people on the go or for those looking to put a kick in their step.

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Because Vitamin B12 is so ingrained in your body, it can even give you better skin as well as stronger hair and nails. Vitamin B12 even benefits people with neurological problems and who exhibit symptoms such as confusion, tingling in the limbs and even early dementia.

While a needle and syringe might seem unpleasant, it is always important to remember that momentary discomfort is a small price to pay for the benefits you get from a vitamin injection. Because of Vitamin B12 shots, there is no longer an excuse to miss your recommended dose of vitamins.