Important Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry in Meridian

Cosmetic Dentistry in Meridian“A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”.

This is a popular saying that emphasizes the importance of a beautiful smile in enhancing your physical appearance. It’s important to have regular consultations with your dentist to prevent major infection, discoloration and damage.


As you age, your teeth become more prone to discolorations due to diet, smoking, and medications. The enamel, which is the hard portion of the teeth, slowly absorbs substances that may result in permanent stains after several years. Dentists offer teeth bleaching procedures to maintain the white color of the enamel. In-office teeth whitening techniques are comprised of applying hydrogen peroxide, scrubbing the outer layer, and scraping crusts in between teeth. A mouthpiece may also be used to ensure even distribution of the bleaching agent.

Bonding defines bonding as the application of composite resins in broken, discolored, or decayed teeth to match the appearance of surrounding teeth. If certain portions are chipped, an artificial bond is attached to fill the gap. This gives an appearance of perfectly aligned and uniform-looking teeth. Several people undergo this procedure because it provides long-term restoration of tooth appearance. In addition, dentists can perform this cosmetic procedure in a single session.

Enamel Shaping/Contouring

Enamel shaping is a minor dental procedure to maintain the uniformity of teeth size, shape, and position. Overlapping enamels are modified to have undifferentiated contours. It’s usually done among patients experiencing difficulties in mastication.

Adding Crowns

Crowns are artificial dental appliances firmly attached to properly match the surrounding teeth. These prosthetics usually resemble the color of natural teeth. They are placed on top of the teeth to improve sharpness for grinding, biting, and chewing food.

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Regular dental consultations are essential for good hygiene, aesthetic improvement, and self-confidence. Visit your cosmetic dentist to enhance teeth appearance.