Fast Ways To Relieve Your Migraines

Woman having a migraine

If you’ve ever had a pounding head, you know how distressing it is. Your first reaction could be to rush for one of the numerous OTC drugs to relieve your headache. Unfortunately, many of these drugs are ineffective in preventing rebound headaches and can encourage dependence or abuse. Try these alternative cures instead.

Consider Botox

You may have heard of the cosmetic effects of Botox. In Utah, this drug is used to quickly smooth the wrinkles and lines on your face. The Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic says that a series of injections can quickly relax the muscles responsible for inducing your migraines, effectively alleviating the ache.

Acupuncture Always Works 

In this ancient Chinese treatment, the physician inserts thin needles under your skin to restore the flow of qi (energy) in your body. Studies show that acupuncture helps cure or prevent acute migraines as effectively as any other treatments. However, unlike modern drugs, acupuncture has very few side effects.

Try Out Stretching

Whenever a migraine is looming, try doing headache-relieving stretches that target muscles responsible for the pain. These stretches target the neck and shoulder muscles that may be tensed, hence responsible for causing the tension. Do the exercise at least twice every day or upon the onset of a headache.

Do Yoga Sessions

Studies show that striking a few poses every day could help ease your pounding head. For centuries, people from various walks of life have used yoga to enhance the relaxation of body, mind and spirit. People that regularly practice yoga exhibit fewer migraine attacks than those that don’t.

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Eat More Supplements

Eating vitamin B2 daily, according to studies, can result in fewer episodes of migraines. You could also consider taking the CoQ10 supplement, which is equally effective in keeping migraine attacks at bay.

A sudden migraine can bring your activities to a screeching halt and adversely affect your productivity. Instead of enduring the pain through the hours, try simple, effective treatments to fight back.