Cosmetic Dentistry Is More Popular than Ever

A dentist checking man's mouthCosmetic dentistry is more popular than ever. People all over the country are looking for ways to get more beautiful smiles, driven by the need to look more presentable and attractive.

From veneers to Invisalign, from Croydon to London, it seems that everyone is giving their dentists a visit to get a cosmetic procedure done.

A Surge in Demand

The British have the unfortunate stereotype of having bad teeth – it comes up in television programmes, films and even in the news. Unlike the US, which has a reputation for showing off perfect, flawless teeth all over the media, the UK is less known for their gleaming smiles.

This is untrue, however, as modern trends point to a surge in demand for cosmetic dentistry. Demand has risen by as much as 22% from the previous years, with teeth whitening being one of the most sought after procedures.

It is great news for British dentists, as they are increasing their profits by a considerable sum. The top 100 dentists of 2010, for example, raked in almost £1bn that year.

It seems that the UK is starting to follow in the US footsteps when it comes to their focus on dental hygiene and beauty.

The Need to Look Beautiful

People these days are spending more on cosmetic dentistry than ever before. Statistics show that 90% of women between the ages 18-35 wish that they could have whiter teeth. There is also a considerable number of the population who prefer not to smile in photographs because they find their teeth yellowed and unattractive.

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Some experts point to the rise in popularity of selfies and social media as the culprit behind the increased demand for cosmetic dentistry. With sites such as Facebook and apps like Instagram and Snapchat, more and more people feel self-conscious about their smile. With everything shared online, people worry about their appearance being scrutinised.

This may be a good thing, as people are more likely to care for their smiles and maintain their dental health. A beautiful smile is just a sign of having healthy teeth.