Common Pre-Requisite Procedures before the Dental Implants Process

A woman getting dental implants

Dentists recommend dental implants for patients with one or more missing teeth. They are the ideal solution to achieve a fully functional mouth and stunning smile. They replace a missing tooth from its root to the crown.

Not all patients in need of dental implants are however ideal candidates for the procedure. There are times an Old Bridge, NJ dentist such as Mid Jersey Smiles might recommend some treatment before placing your implants.

Here are some of the typical procedures you might need before getting your implants.

Sinus Lift

Dentists undertake sinus lifts to add bone to the upper jaws. The procedure is for patients with insufficient upper jawbone height or those whose sinuses are too close to their jaw. The dentist creates space at the base of your maxillary sinus and a bone graft inserted into this area.

A graft-healing period of 6-9 months is required, after which the dentist secures your implants.

Bone Grafting

This procedure, similar to a sinus lift, builds up your jawbone tissue mass and density. The graft may come from your body, a synthetic material, or an animal tissue. The dentist then secures the graft to your jawbone and takes about 6-9 months to heal.

After healing, the dentist will evaluate the achieved bone mass. If the density is adequate, you will undergo your implant placement procedure.

Treatment of Periodontal Diseases

All periodontal disorders should get adequate treatment before implant procedures. In mild diseases, deep cleaning and a special toothpaste and oral rinse may be enough to restore your dental health. For advanced diseases, however, surgery might be necessary to remove necrotic tissue.

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If your jawbone suffers damage, a bone graft might be done as well.

These procedures are necessary to ensure the success of your implants. Gum disease and reduced bone density are the common causes of dental implant failure. With proper care, your implants last a lifetime. They are hence a cost-effective treatment for missing teeth.