3 Surprising Causes of Tooth Damage Most People Don’t Know

stained teeth

If you randomly asked a few people on the street and to name factors that cause tooth decay, most of them would answer high-sugar diet and poor oral hygiene. While this is true, in reality, there are more causes of cavities and tooth damage that most people are not aware of. Here are some of them.

1. Grinding teeth while sleeping

Years of clenching and grinding teeth while asleep can cause tooth damage. Since grinding often happens when one is asleep, most people aren’t aware of this habit. A sign is usually a sore jaw when you wake up, often accompanied by a dull headache.

Although stress can cause teeth grinding, the most likely cause is crooked teeth, resulting in an abnormal bite or missing teeth. If it’s a missing tooth, the best thing is to consider modern tooth replacement options, such as dental implants in Townsville.

2. White wine

If you enjoy a glass of white wine after a long day, this piece of dental advice might change what you do after the drink. Logically, red wine might seem like the worst enemy to pearly white teeth, but it turns out that white wine would cause tooth staining as well.

The tannins and acids in white wine make the surface of your teeth rough, causing porousness to the teeth, and this allows teeth to absorb colour.

Similarly, if you drink a lot of coffee or eat something right after wine, you run the risk of staining your teeth. The remedy is to rinse your mouth with water after the drink to neutralise the wine’s acidity.

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3. Contact with certain chemicals

Frequent contact with certain chemicals can ruin your enamel, provoke tooth sensitivity or stain the teeth. Some of the chemicals include BPA (an ingredient found in most canned foods), chlorine, chemicals in teeth-whitening strips and antibiotics.

Although exposure to some of these substances is unavoidable, awareness will help you moderate how often you expose your teeth to these chemicals.

Eating candy and neglecting daily oral hygiene practices are sure causes of tooth damage. Now, you have a few more factors on your list to maintain dental health.