Why Some Men Can’t Grow Beards No Matter What

Beard Transplant in Michigan

Beard Transplant in MichiganAh, the good old, glorious beard. Since time immemorial, the beard has become a symbol of masculinity, strength, and wisdom — seriously, haven’t you thought about why wise old men (and even God) are portrayed by bearded men (or non-bearded men with fake beards?)

That said, there’s something quite unfair with beards. If you’re a man, you either have it or you don’t. This is the main reason several men who can’t grow beards (but long to have them) have turned to multiple measures: beard transplants at MichiganHairRestoration.com and other establishments; at times, even glue-on fake beards made to look real.

Now, why are beards ‘exclusive’ to those who can easily grow them out?

Absent Bodily Mechanics

The chemical dihydrotestosterone, a substance synthesized from testosterone, is the body’s beard producer. A man’s ability to grow a beard is dictated by the way his body reacts to testosterone levels. The difference between bearded men and their baby-faced peers is that the former are more sensitive to the effects of testosterone.


Stress is an ultimate buzzkill in terms of what it does to people’s bodies. It makes us fatter or corpse-thin, and for several men, beardless. In general, high levels of stress can cause hair loss, and beards are no exception. Stress from severe illness or infection, surgery, ultra-strict diets, or even certain medications can cause stress levels to skyrocket.

When psychological stress takes a toll, it can turn to physiological stress. A perfect example is extreme depression and the way it affects the body chemically. It’s also an accepted fact that stress facilitates loss of appetite, and beards need all the nutrition they can to flourish.

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A Bit Of Comfort for the Beardless Gentleman

While having a magnificent beard sure is awesome, beardless men need not fret for now. High-sensitivity to testosterone has its side effect: it makes one more vulnerable to balding. This claim traces its roots all the way back to 1960, when a group of boys undergoing castration showed no signs of baldness as they aged. In contrast, those who didn’t undergo the same procedure already featured receding hairlines early.

So yes, a beard is something you either have or lack. Still science has its way of playing tricks or making life easier for those who want them — one just has to pick a side.