How Your Home is Possibly Making Your Asthma Worse

Asthma Inhaler

Asthma InhalerWhile your allergies may make you feel isolated, asthma is one shared by millions in the US. According to the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology, in 2009 alone, one in 12 people had asthma. This was a notable increase from 2001’s one in 14. At present, there are 18.7 million adults who have the said condition.

Surely, it is in your best interest to stay away from the elements that trigger your asthma. Naturally, one would think that the home is the safest place; however, it could do the exact opposite. There is both a good and bad side to spending most of your time at home, the latter being not having good indoor air quality, which makes your asthma worse.

The following are factors that risk your home’s indoor air quality:

Not Maintaining Your AC Units

It is a big no-no to let your AC units or centralized cooling systems run without having them regularly checked.

Aside from ensuring quality performance from your equipment, they need to be running on good quality parts. The same goes for your home’s centralized system. Having clean air ducts and vents ensure better-filtered air circulating in your home. Therefore, keeping dust and other harmful asthma triggers out.

Letting People Smoke in Your Home

It may seem harmful to let people smoke in your home, especially since you have a trusted air filtration and ventilation. But the smoke’s harmful elements easily stick to the furniture and carpet.

While keeping the smoke away from you, it can easily get to your ducts, vents, and inevitably circulate in your home. As opposed to the effects of non-maintenance of your cooling units, you can avoid this external factor.

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Having Too Much Indoor Plants

Another common trigger from asthmatic people is pollen. As aesthetically pleasing as it is to have a bunch of plants (especially ones that have flowers) in your home, it greatly contributes to the worsening of your condition.

So, why not keep your plants out of your home instead and make your home free of triggers that can worsen your asthma.

Let your home be a haven for you by keeping the air quality in check.