How Bad Teeth Can Have a Detrimental Effect on Beauty

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Woman ColdKeeping a face beautiful is always a challenge. This is true for everyone, from young toddlers to seniors. One of the biggest challenges is keeping healthy teeth. Teeth give the face a structure, and when these go away, there is a need for dental implants.

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The human body is a dynamic object. It changes, it grows and it adapts. For some, the face, jaw and mouth are the most adaptable features of the body. Teeth keep moving. They sometimes rotate and they also move forward and back. Teeth undergo enormous pressure almost all the time. When eating, the pressure is on the crown. There is also the grinding motion when chewing food.

With a full set of teeth, the pressure on each of these keep them together from moving out of place. However, when there’s a gap, the teeth can move to fill these gaps. The stress on teeth can also wear them away. It is not uncommon for the lower teeth to shift and look shorter than the upper teeth.

The Changing Face

When teeth move, there is also an effect on how a person looks like. That’s the reason children and teens go through orthodontia to fix their teeth. This not only makes a person look better, but they also eat, bite and chew better. The resulting fixed teeth makes them look normal. After a while, normal wear and tear affects teeth. They wear down and shorten. Sometimes there are external factors which damage teeth faster.

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Smoking has a detrimental effect on teeth. Not only does smoking lead to yellow teeth, but the gums are also compromised. Gum disease can lead to falling teeth. With gaps between teeth, the face is also affected. A weak jawbone due to receding teeth lead to changes in appearance. It is hard enough to keep appearances without worrying about the effects of bad teeth.