Drinking Too Much Soda: How to Stop

Two glasses of ice cold soda

Drinking too much soda isn’t just bad for your waistline. It can also compromise your teeth and bones and contribute to a number of health problems like obesity, diabetes, and increased heart disease risk. The sad part is cutting back or giving up is easier said than done. This is especially true if you drink it daily to quench your thirst, wash down a meal, or make it through an afternoon slump.

Health experts and Miami medical clinics share a few tips that can lead to sustainable change:

Adjust gradually.

If you’re used to consuming multiple servings of soda daily, don’t go cold turkey. Instead, wean yourself off slowly by cutting back to one drink per day. Continue doing this for about two weeks and then try to cut back more to three servings a week. This strategy will help your body and mind to gradually adjust in kicking the habit.

Mix soda with water.

By adding water to your soda, you are automatically drinking less of it. Water, furthermore, reduces the sugar or sweetness of soda, which is what most drinkers get addicted to. This has an additional benefit changing or altering your taste buds to stop needing that sweetness or sugary taste later on.

Drink water first.

Whenever you feel the need to drink soda, try to drink a glass of water first. You might not realize it, but the reasons for drinking soda include thirst, boredom, and being used to it. This is why you should always carry a bottle of water with you to quench your thirst or beat your craving.

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Try drinking seltzer water.

Sometimes, when people want soda, it is the carbonation they crave for. If this is true for you, try drinking seltzer water. You can also add some fruit juice or squeezed citrus for extra flavors. Just do take note that drinking seltzer water is not the same as drinking water. The latter is better.

Stock up on healthy beverages.

When all you have in your fridge is soda, you are likely to drink it often. Instead, stop buying soda and start keeping plenty of healthy and other non-soda drinks at home. This can help you in making you quitting soft drinks as conveniently as possible.

Do everything you can to cut back or quit drinking soda. If you cannot quit entirely, it is best to save it for special occasions, which means drinking soda every now and then. You may also get help from a healthcare provider for other strategies on quitting soda and other bad habits.