3 Eye Problems Optometrists May Diagnose During Checkups

Eye Problem in West EndEye problems can affect your overall health, especially if they are not diagnosed and treated early. Visual systems may develop certain disorders that may change either some of the eye structures or the entire eye. However, visiting an optometrist regularly would help prevent most of the eye problems. Here some examples of problems they may detect upon checkup:


Brisbane optometrists and other eye professionals say that the cloudy areas within the eye lens could indicate developing cataracts. Healthy lenses allow light to pass to the back part of the retina through them where images are processed. If cataracts are developing in your eyes, light will not easily pass through and seeing becomes a problem. Normally, cataracts form slowly and they don’t always affect your eyesight. In fact, symptoms such as eye tearing, redness and pain may not always appear.


Floaters are tiny specks or spots that usually float across your vision field. It’s not easy to notice these specks or spots unless you are outdoors on a bright day or in a well-lit room. Although most people consider floaters as normal, many optometrists assert that floaters could be indicating underlying serious eye problems such as retinal detachment. If the number and type of flashes or spots seem to change and a dark shadow or light flashes form across the vision edge, you should immediately see a competent optometrist.


This problem occurs when eye pressure accumulates to an extent of damaging the optic nerve. Most optometrists refer to this stage as primary open angle glaucoma. Visiting an optometrist for regular eye checkups is important since primary glaucoma is not painful and it doesn’t show early symptoms. In addition, they warn that glaucoma occurs due to inflammatory eye disorders, blocked blood vessels, severe eye infections and eye injuries.

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Some eye problems are painless and asymptomatic, but it doesn’t mean you should skip your regular eye checkups. The danger is that, untreated eye problems may be irreversible and affect your vision later in life.