Shortage in United States Physicians Continues to Grow

PhysiciansLatest studies reveal that despite the growing number of medical specialists in the United States, the country still faces a concerning shortage on doctors, primarily physicians. For this reason, it has become common for patients to wait for a long time before they can see a doctor.

Shortages in medical workforce, combined with the increase in various healthcare delivery systems, make the need for a dependable staffing partner more apparent than ever. Emergency departments, hospitals, and clinics will find that physician staffing companies, including Emergency Staffing Solutions, can help them overcome such obstacles.

Millions of dollars lost in physician vacancies

The lack of physicians costs employers in the medical industry millions of dollars every year. This is particularly true with today’s ever-expanding healthcare field wherein physician supply doesn’t grow together with it. Because of this, more establishments have welcomed the assistance of outside firms to fill vacancies.

The physician shortage outlook

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), physician shortage will continue to worsen in the next few years. This problem has the potential of causing a 90,000 doctor-deficit come 2020. Add to this the growing need for urgent community health care centers and retail clinics, and the shortage becomes even more concerning.

The roles staffing companies play

Staffing companies address the increasing demand for physicians and access to other specialists through their placement services. For healthcare employers, this means having a network of doctors they can depend on to fill positions as soon as they become vacant.

These organizations make it easier for employers to find the professionals they need, as they conduct comprehensive qualification procedures. They makesure each doctor meets all the requirements and has the portfolio that makes him or her suitable for a particular position.

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All in all, staffing companies provide valuable assistance to enterprises in today’s growing and changing healthcare environment. They will continue to help the healthcare industry and the people who depend on it.