How to Eat Out as a Tourist on a Gluten-Free Diet

Tourist walking along the street

Visiting a foreign country should not be a drag. It should be fun, and you should take the time to be adventurous.

Although, this might not be the easiest thing to do if you are on a gluten-free diet. You have to be careful every time you eat. When you are a tourist, you should read a gluten-free diet blog for the country you’re visiting.

What’s on the Menu

Most tourists eat wherever their stop takes them. This is especially true for those who are part of a tour group, or a tour bus. When the bus goes to a stop for lunch, you should take the chance and grab something to eat, as it could be several more hours until the next time you find yourself at a diner.

This does not mean that you should also take a chance with whatever is on the menu. Take a look at the food options and ask the waiter for assistance. Explain your need for a gluten-free diet.

If they cannot understand your need, you can explain that you are allergic to certain food, and would want information about the ingredients, condiments and how the food was cooked. When in doubt, you can ask the staff to order gluten-free food for you.

Gluten-Free Restaurant Cards

There are blogs dedicated to gluten-free eating, where visitors can learn which restaurants serve gluten-free food. These blogs are helped along by volunteers who also suffer from celiac disease. One of the tools used to get around finding gluten-free food is the gluten-free card.

These translation cards have local names of food which are gluten-free. There is also a note about cross-contamination due to the use of the same utensils or oil used for gluten-free cooking and regular cooking. The cards are specific to each country and have proven useful for those who are not familiar with the culture or the language.

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