Everyday Habits to Help Manage Arthritis


Arthritis inflicts pain on a significant portion of the adult population. It greatly disrupts daily activities and deteriorates the quality of life, almost removing one’s freedom of movement. However, you can still hope to live a full life by incorporating easy, everyday habits to manage the condition.

Here are some of them based on natural remedies you can incorporate in your daily routine to help relieve pain on your arthritic joints.

Taking Daily Warm Baths

Soaking in warm water offers relief for musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis. Warm water therapy loosens up joints, increases circulation and reduces inflammation. The buoyancy in the water also provides respite from the forces of gravity that weighs on the affected joints.

To increase the benefits of the warm water therapy, add Epsom salts to the bath water and soak in it once a week. This increases the magnesium levels in the body, which relaxes muscles, relieves stiffness and helps mineralize the bones.

Incorporate daily warm baths and weekly Epsom salt soaks in your routine without fail to enjoy these benefits.

Apply Essential Oils Topically

Certain essential oils have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly relieve pain associated with arthritis. Essential oils are naturally derived pure essences of therapeutic herbs that are highly bioavailable and easily absorbed by the skin.

Blend ginger, lavender, frankincense, myrrh and rosemary for their anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities to relieve arthritic joints. Improve its therapeutic effects by diluting these essential oils with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil that contains Oleocanthals, which inhibits COX-1 and COX-2 inflammatory enzymes.

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Prepare a ready-made blend and apply on affected joints twice daily, regardless if you feel pain or not to support your joint health.

Enjoy Delicious and Beneficial Teas and Drinks Daily

To further curb the inflammation in the body, enjoy ginger and turmeric teas daily. These spicy drinks inhibit the enzymes and proteins responsible for inflammation, which in turn improves the range of motion of the affected joints.

Incorporate drinking green tea regularly as well due it’s polyphenol antioxidant that inhibits inflammation and reduces cartilage damage. Make sure that your tea sources are both certified organic and fair trade to avoid pesticide ingestion and support ethical farming practices.

For a sweet solution to arthritis, consider taking Black Strap Molasses drink for its potassium, calcium and magnesium content that regulate nerve and muscle function.

Arthritis, though a painful condition, does not mean a life sentence chained to a wheelchair. You can still retain your freedom of movement if you diligently adopt these natural remedies-based daily habits into your routine.