Women’s Drug Abuse and the Need for Specialized Rehab

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Drug abuse and dependency in women poses serious threats to the female population. Studies show that women’s abuse of drugs increases their risk of various health and social problems.

Risks Related to Drug Abuse

Research shows women’s abuse of substances makes them more vulnerable to mental health disorders. They also have higher risks of engaging in unprotected sex, which can lead to unintended pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection. Studies also reveal their drug abuse may trigger poor birth outcomes and later on, child abuse and neglect.

Commonly Abused Drugs by Women

Harvard Health Publications reported that women are more likely to visit emergency rooms due to opioid abuse than men. Women are more likely to get opioid prescriptions due to chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia.

Some women also abuse stimulants and marijuana. Other than the more adverse effects they may suffer, they tend to progress to dependence to these substances faster than men do.

The Need for Rehab

Due to the perceived gender differences in drug abuse, many rehabilitation facilities offer women only rehab services. Women’s drug rehab programs are designed to suit the unique needs of female patients who want to put an end to their abuse or dependency.

Addiction therapies for them involve specialized care and services. For instance, they may also need childcare options during their rehabilitation. Programs also differ from that of men when it comes to group sessions and counseling. Studies show that women tend to find comfort in the company of others. This is why their therapies involve more group sessions and promote engagement in groups and networks. Other programs even involve music and art therapies. Vizown says an individualized approach helps identify the root cause of addiction and helps treat it.

So, if you know someone dear to you who is suffering from drug abuse, help her by finding a woman-only rehab to help her recover.