Three Reasons You Should Get a Dental Implant

Dental Implant Treatment

Dental Implant TreatmentContrary to what most people think, the British generally have healthier mouths than Americans. This is despite having more crooked and discoloured teeth. In fact, the British have fewer missing teeth at an average of 6.97 compared to Americans at an average of 7.31. However, that still comes to about seven missing teeth for either country. If you have seven missing teeth or more, you may want to consider dental implant surgery in Stockport to avoid the following problems.

Bone loss

The biggest problem with missing teeth is bone loss. Teeth stimulate the jawbone to keep it remodelling and rebuilding. When a tooth is missing, part of the jaw loses stimulation. Over time, that part of the bone starts to shrink, together with the gum tissue. You need something to take the place of the missing tooth to keep the bone happy and the gum healthy. Dentures may work, but not as well as dental implants. As explains, implants screw directly onto the bone, just like a real tooth root.

Face changes

As explained earlier, you lose bone and gum volume when you have missing teeth. This may affect the shape of your face because the jawbone is the support for the soft tissue of the face. With smaller jaws and empty sockets, your cheeks will fall in and give you a sad, sunken look. Missing teeth may make you look older even if they are not visible when you smile. Additionally, missing teeth out front may make you feel unattractive, so you hide it by not smiling. That may also change the way you look.

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Moving teeth

You will also have problems in talking and chewing your food properly when you are missing molars. Teeth tend to move to fill in spaces. Teeth may grow up or down, or move sideways, and this may affect the way your teeth come together when you talk or chew. People missing teeth for a long time usually need orthodontic treatment to fix their bite before they may have a dental implant surgery.

A dental implant is the next best thing to your own tooth, and the health benefits far outweigh the cost. You will feel better about yourself and smile more often, which is always a good thing.