The Mouth: Window to Your Health


DentistA dentist is not just checking your mouth for gum disease or problems with your teeth. A dentist can probably warn you of a heart disease or other chronic condition you may have or are prone to have. Studies have shown that there is a connection between oral health and a person’s overall health.

Indicators of Disease

People primarily nourish their bodies through the mouth because it is the entry point of food. So it is not unlikely that some bacteria-borne disease enters through this orifice and infects other parts of the body, especially when the immune system is weak.

The presence of mouth lesions can be an indicator of HIV/AIDS just as mouth ulcers can sometimes be a manifestation of Crohn’s disease. A person with pale or bleeding gums may be suffering from blood disorders, whilst an early indicator of osteoporosis is bone loss in the lower jaw.

The Heart and Mouth

It doesn’t seem likely that the mouth is connected to the heart. But there are studies that show risk factors for gum disease are similar to heart diseases. If you’re suffering from chronic gum disease, beware because you have a higher risk of contracting a heart condition.

Gum disease is a result of plaque build-up. When bacteria from infected gums are dislodged, they may enter the bloodstream, get stuck on blood vessels and contribute to clot formation. Blood flow to the heart will be limited due to clot formation and result in blood pressure elevation that could lead to a heart attack.

Dentists are Friends

Beyond brushing and flossing to keep your teeth and gums clean, there is still a need to visit a dentist in Manchester regularly, says You can prevent gum disease by getting plaque, tartar and bacteria from your teeth and only dentists can do this. Set aside your fear of them because the earlier they detect a condition the earlier it can be treated before it leads to a more serious physical condition.

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Diet and hygiene play an important role in oral health. So do smoking and alcohol. Don’t think the mouth is just an opening used for eating. It is the window to your health.