The Dangers of Fake Dental Products

Orthodontic Laboratory

Orthodontic LaboratoryOrthodontists improve the smiles of their patients by providing dental appliances, such as braces and retainers. Their solutions help move crooked teeth or those that do not appear to fit together well. If you have the same problems, why not go and ask them for help.

While dental treatments and procedures cost a significant amount, they’re a good investment. Unfortunately, not everybody sees it that way. There are cases when they look for less costly alternatives, which make them end up consulting a dentist that uses unauthorized dental supplies that a trusted orthodontic laboratory didn’t make.

Fake dental braces, a deadly fad

The wrong installation and use of braces caused many widely recognized dental associations to release a warning, stating that fake orthodontic products will cause injury if used without expert supervision. In fact, there have been reports that teens in Thailand and other Asian countries are losing their lives due to infections from fashion braces. Research shows that the metal used in these braces have lead content, which is poisonous to the bloodstream.

The serious and fatal effects

There are many other harmful effects caused by fake orthodontic products — memory and weight loss, muscle and abdominal pain, developmental learning problems, and thyroid infection. Another risk of using fake braces is the allergic reactions due to the supplies used, like latex. Lead poisoning can also make the teeth fall out.

Fashion braces or any fake dental product can do more harm than good. Giving in to the passing trends can only put your dental health at risk. Even if you have to spend more, it’s better to consult a dental professional who uses quality supplies from a trusted orthodontic laboratory.

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