Teenage Styles: Makeup and Hair for Three Major Events

Professional Styling

Professional Styling There are times when you need to fix your hair and dress up real fancy to look lovelier than you already are. You can integrate your own style into the required basic look or theme of the event. However, it pays to be aware of the basics of the different occasions so you will never be out of place. Here are three major special events that will require you to get a professional beauty service.

The Graduation Party

Even if you are the class clown, it doesn’t excuse you to put on all the colours on your face just so you can stand out on your graduation day. For a morning party, stick to day makeup of either earth tones or pastels to make yourself look good. If the party starts late, go for darker tones, but don’t overdo it.

The Prom Night

True, it is an evening affair and this would require a stronger and more extravagant hair and makeup. However, keep in mind the school’s regulations on hair, makeup and dress before going all out. It is already a given that your makeup and hair should go well with your skin tone, eye colour and hair’s shade. But for the prom night, also consider the dress’ colour, cut and style so that your hair and cosmetics complement your dress and style.

The Debutante Celebration

Whether it’s a simple get-together of friends or an extravagant debutante ball in a hotel, every debutante aims to be the star of the evening. This is a coming of age party and the celebrator should look like the adult she already is. Try to aim for a more sophisticated and mature look when doing the makeup and hair. As this kind of celebration is held in the evening, use darker colours.

Now if you are still torn about how you want your look to be, there are a number of great hair and makeup salons in Perth that can help you make up your mind.

Trust the experts in their recommendations for your hair and makeup. After all, they are the pros on this. So just relax, let them work their magic and artistry. After that, the only thing you need to do is look beautiful and enjoy the moment.