Signs Your Senior Citizen May Have Dementia

Doctor with a patient

Old man meeting with a healthcare professionalA few weeks ago, a public figure that opposes the President mentioned on a morning show that close allies revealed the President had early-stage dementia. Naturally, people cannot prove this since they cannot observe the President’s hourly behavior.

You will have a better chance of detecting dementia in your aging parents or grandparents, however, whom you know better than you know the President.

Memory Impedes upon Life

Dementia refers to a wide range of symptoms that mainly affects a person’s memory and thinking. When your aging parents or grandparents develop dementia, they will have difficulty with their day-to-day activities.

You can, fortunately, bring them to memory care here in Salt Lake City for professional medical assistance. How can you detect the onset of dementia, however?

Forgetfulness of Recent Details

You can detect dementia through some noticeable signs, but you have to understand these symptoms well and not confuse them with signs of healthy aging.

Take, for example, forgetfulness. In natural aging, your parents or grandparents can forget details about events, activities, or items that are in the past. In dementia, they will forget very recent details of items, events, or activities.


Another sign lies in repetitive activities or conversations. When your parent or grandparent does an activity and repeats it in one day, you can suspect the onset of dementia. Repeating questions or sentences in conversations can also be signs of early dementia.

When you notice these signs, take them seriously as your parents or grandparents may be experiencing stress in some way.

Difficulty with Routines

Now, people often have routines, and your aging parents or grandparents will have them too. When they, in any way, have trouble in following their daily routine, you can suspect early development of dementia.

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Early dementia can also manifest when your parent or grandparents forget how to play a board game or how to operate a machine.

Many other signs can mean the early development of dementia, but you can start with the symptoms above. Early detection can help with early care for your aging parent or grandparent.