Long Term Care – Deciding Between Assisted living and Memory Care Facilities

Senior Care in US

Senior Care in USAccording to statistics, 70% or more of adults over 65 years of age in the US need long term care sooner. When caregivers are faced with the decision of putting them in assisted living facilities, deciding what is needed becomes tough. The reason is that not all care options are equal – assisted living and memory care are two types of facilities that are available in Provo and other cities. What is the difference between the two and how does one decide where to go?

Assisted Living

If a senior is active and lucid, but needing assistance with daily tasks like bathing, dressing and eating, one option is to move into an assisted living center. The centers provide housing and services like health care and transport. Such centers have staff on hand who help with medication and small chores around the apartment.

Memory Care Center

When one requires help with everyday issues, assisted living facilities are just fine. When a person has a serious medical condition like dementia or Alzheimer’s, memory care centers are the viable option. Memory care centers offer long term nursing care, which is specifically geared to patients who have problems with their memories due to old age.

Memory care centers in Provo usually require the person to be a resident. Patients with cognitive impairment are provided assistance for daily activities. The facilities are laid out in a way to make it easier for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia to be safe.

Both types of facilities have to be licensed by the state to operate. Memory care centers face regulations that are more stringent and require the providers to disclose all the services they offer. People with parents who have to go to one of the two centers should do a research before sending them to live there.

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