Getting the Private Dental Care You Need

An ideal clean dental officeThe National Health Service or NHS provides affordable basic dental care for UK residents. Unfortunately, the system does not always work. You may be better off paying private care to make sure you get the proper treatment. However, you have to choose wisely.

Here are some tips for choosing the right dental clinic in Kingston.


The first thing you have to check is if the dental practice puts a premium on cleanliness. It is easy to get sick from a dirty dental practice. The waiting room should be orderly and spotless, and the staff members look neat. When you go in for an initial consultation, observe if there are any dirty instruments lying around. Your dentist and any assistants should be wearing surgical gloves before they touch you. If you feel that you are in less than a clean environment, go somewhere else.

Price list

You also need to check if the dentist posts a list of prices for standard procedures such as a dental checkup, routine cleaning, and restorative treatments. The General Dental Council or GDC requires transparency for all registered dentists. If there is no posted price list, and the dentist or staff members are evasive about prices, you might be in for a skinning.

Chairside manner

It is important you feel some trust and confidence in your dentist. The dentist should have good listening and communication skills so that you get the best care possible. A dentist that does not take the time to understand your issues or fears may not be qualified to cater to your needs. It does not matter how qualified he or she is. You need a dentist that will not only listen to you but also explain to you what you need.

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Choosing a good dental clinic is not just about qualifications or location. You need to feel safe and comfortable when you go to your dentist. These tips should help you choose the best one for your needs.