Finding the Right In-Home Senior Care Provider

Nurse taking care and talking to two seniors

When your elderly loved one is already having trouble driving the car, has poor hygiene, has been forgetful, or having mood swings, it is time to have in-home senior care. Local listings and elderly care organizations can help you find the right service providers.

A survey shows that most seniors want to stay at home as much as possible. Therefore, finding the right provider or agency is key to making your loved one accept the decision easily, and later, enjoy life at home with a carer.

Finding Care

To find the right carer, you can check the National Association for Home Care & Hospice. The agency lists home care agencies in your area. Medicare also provides ranked local nursing homes and home health agencies on their website. Through the information you get, you can choose which type of in-home senior care service your loved one will need in North Fort Myers.

After deciding on the type of in-home care service, the payment method, and the agency’s location, you must look closely at the quality and cost of services these agencies provide. It’s important that you follow the three stages to this process: screening, evaluating, and monitoring.

What to look for in the agency

The in-home senior care agency must provide greater convenience to your loved one and your home. It must also provide a better quality of life to the one they care for. In effect, the agency will help in lowering your medical bills.

An agency should offer several important care services. These include checking the heart rate and blood pressure regularly, caring for wounds, preparing and administering IVs and catheters, providing physical therapy, teaching patients and caregivers about safe and proper care, preparing meals, cleaning the house, and providing transportation and companionship.

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