Driveway Accidents in Australia on the Rise


drivewayMany auto accidents in Australia revolve around collisions on the streets. Recent studies, however, suggest that car owners and their families may also have to be careful in their parking areas at home. Statistics show that driveway accidents are increasing nowadays.

Driveway Accidents on the Rise

A study by the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety revealed that reversing collisions cause around 4 deaths and 81 injuries of kids each year. In addition, low-speed run overs like driveway accidents are the third most frequent cause of injury or death in children aged between one and three.

Contributing Factors

Researchers found that most cases revolve around owners of four-wheel-drives and higher vans since drivers of such vehicles have more difficulty seeing children in rear vision mirrors. The false sense of security is another contributing factor as well. In 85 per cent of cases, drivers were unaware that the children were close to the vehicle and they were under supervision.

Addressing the problem

The government and certain organisations highlight the importance of child supervision especially if they’re close to moving vehicles. They are creating measures to address the problem as well.

The Federal Government and companies like suggest using aluminium gates in Perth with self-closing and latching features to prevent or reduce driveway accidents. Researchers suggest the use of rear cameras to prevent reversing collisions as well.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development also recommended some guidelines in constructing child-friendly parking spaces at home. These driveway safety design guidelines include installation of separate access routes for pedestrians and vehicles, barriers for outdoor play areas close to parking spaces, outdoor mirrors and slatted garage doors to give drivers more visibility in the rear.

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These findings reveal that children are not fully safe from car accidents even if they’re at home. Parents with cars should pay more attention especially if they have kids who are fond of playing in the driveway.