Can Anyone Discount the Value of Invisalign?

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign BracesInvisalign, an innovative orthodontic treatment that uses customised clear aligners to straighten teeth, was once viewed sceptically by those who believe in the effectiveness of traditional braces. After all, how can one method achieve teeth straightening success within only a few months when even tried-and-tested metal braces may have difficulty attaining this?

Whilst Invisalign qualifies its ‘promise’ by saying that it works best for minor to medium malocclusions, there are countless testimonials to its efficiency, citing how the method has changed people’s lives for the better.

4 Millionth Invisalign Patient

Recently, Align Technology, the company responsible for the development of Invisalign, reached its four millionth patient. As a way to show their appreciation and further promote the benefits of Invisalign, Align Technology will help provide treatment to children born with a cleft lip or palate through its #4millionsmiles campaign.

The company will donate $1 to Operation Smile for every photo shared on social media with the hashtag ‘#4millionsmiles’. This is reflective of the value of oral function and aesthetics. There is no price to pay for the smiles of these children, after all; function and aesthetics can only enable a life of normalcy. Dental practices, such as The Priory Dental Practice, for example, are offering Invisalign retainers for a mere £30.98 per month – for a chance to be confident to achieve much more in life.

Real Measurement of Value

With the positive feedback on Invisalign and the affirmation of its benefits, many potential patients can improve their life in two ways.

1. Career Improvement – Patients, who used to shrink in fear and anxiety before their bosses and who have gone through a slew of failed interviews, can find themselves enjoying the benefits of becoming a confident and smiling person. A beautiful smile directly correlates to positive job conversions. With straightened teeth, people have no hesitation when they have to speak in public.

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2. An Active Social Life – It is but natural for people with crooked teeth to shy away from social interaction. But with straighter teeth, people will no longer be self-conscious whenever they have to open their mouth. They can freely talk and smile, which opens up avenues for building relationships, such as romance, business networking and friendship.

These two aspects are the things that make life worth living. With an improvement in oral function and aesthetics, can anyone discount the value of Invisalign?