4 Tips to Increase OR Turnover

Surgeons team working at the OR

Your operating room (OR) is one of the most important rooms in your hospital, especially when it comes to revenue. If you can manage your OR well, then you should have no problems having a high turnover and keeping post-operative operations low. That not only keeps patient satisfaction high, but also impacts your bottom line over time. Here are four ways to improve efficiency at your surgical center:

Equip the OR room

You obviously want to work with a highly skilled team of surgeons, but without sufficient tools, their ability to provide quick and high-quality service can be severely compromised. As you build the surgical center, make a list of all the equipment you’ll need, from Frazier suction instruments to scalpels. Examine which equipment needs replacing regularly and get them as soon as possible.

Practice proper instrument management

Standardize surgical instrument sets so you don’t have many doctor-specific trays. Also, keep reviewing the instrument trays to remove those instruments your rarely or never use. To eliminate the long time required for instrumentation, try to leave surgical instruments in their specific trays on the back table.

Deploy ancillary personnel

Have adequate ancillary personnel to help with important chores, such as room cleaning and the set up of anesthesia. You could also ask your personnel to help with patient positioning and catheterization, as well as preparing the instruments you’ll need for the next surgery, while handling the current case.

Slash documentation time

A lot of time is lost as a result of over documentation. To avoid this, combine chart documents. You may also consider creating a perioperative record that incorporates all preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative documentation.

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Enhancing patient flow in your surgical center is not that difficult. Rather, it’s a matter of putting in place a few simple strategies that result in increased efficiency.