3 Low-Maintenance Ways to Keep Your Aligners Clean

Teeth Model and Plastic Aligners

Wearing aligners can be a maintenance solution following a process of correctional braces. It can also correct teeth that are slightly misaligned.

Whatever you are planning to use the corrective property of clear plastic aligners, part of its maintenance is to ensure that your aligners will last as long as your doctor’s prescribed usage period.

Clean properly per type.

There are many types of retainers available, so you need to clean them using tools and techniques that are appropriate to the type. Most clear plastic aligners are removable retainers, which means you can clean them when you remove them from your mouth.

This kind of retainer is easy to clean but a little less durable than metal retainers. To prolong its life, make sure that you use the right detergent and brush to avoid damaging the transparent plastic.

Keep it moist.

Clear plastic aligners need to be moist at all times because it lessens the likelihood of tartar building on them. Tartar easily bonds to the material when the retainer dries out, making it difficult to remove, Livestrong reported.

When not in use, you should keep the aligner in a glass of distilled water. To further clean it, you can soak it in a solution with ten parts water and one-part chlorine.

Have one storage space for it.

Since it is unhealthy to wear aligners 24/7, it is necessary to find a good storage space whenever it is not in use. Dear Doctor reported that it’s important to keep them away from pets or children.

Safe storage is part of proper maintenance, so keep them in a small container that can be by your bedside. It is better if it can accommodate holding water or a cleaning solution.

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Follow any of these easy tips for better care of your aligners. Make these steps a part of your daily routine so your retainers will receive appropriate care.