Wrinkles in Your Youth, and What They Say About Your Lifestyle

a woman looking at her face in the mirror

Wrinkles appear when people age because the skin becomes thinner, drier, and less elastic. These lines first appear on areas of the skin that are always exposed to the sun, like the back of the hands, arms, and the face.

The appearance of these creases can be delayed and minimized with the use of moisturizer and protective clothing when you are under the sun. Or, according to Clarity Skin, you can undergo a HydraFacial, which is ideal for all skin types.

Although aging is the number one cause of wrinkles, other factors contribute to their appearance. Lifestyle also contributes to the earlier appearance of wrinkles. Meaning, even the youth can be susceptible to creases, crinkles, and fine lines.

You use your facial muscles a lot

Every time you use your facial muscle a lot – smiling, frowning, and squinting – furrows form under the surface of the facial skin. The skin should spring back, but with age, the skin is less flexible. Additionally, drinking out of a straw causes the muscles around the lips to contract, which can lead to the acceleration of wrinkle appearance.

You are serious about getting a tan

Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the tanning booth and the sun breaks down the skin collagen and fibers, which are responsible for preserving the skin’s smoothness. When the UV rays damage these fibers, the skin sags and wrinkles start to show.

People who work directly under the sunlight like fishers, farmers, sailors, and golfers are also at a higher risk of early wrinkles.

You have unhealthy habits

Regular smoking reduces the blood supply to the skin. Meaning, your skin does not get enough nutrients like vitamin A, causing it to age faster. Similarly, excessive alcohol consumption can cause skin dehydration and lack of nutrients.

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Wrinkles are not just cosmetic issues. Their early appearance can also be telltale signs that you have to reassess your lifestyle.