How Dental Implants Can Help You Smile Again

Dentist brushing a dental implant

Many circumstances can cause the need for dental implants. These include tooth loss due to caries and gum diseases or a broken or chipped tooth due to contact sports or an accident. These are not only painful; they can also lead to drastic changes in the mouth if not addressed immediately. Moreover, having an incomplete set of teeth could make a person look unattractive. These are only some of the scenarios you shouldn’t skip seeking the help of a good implant dentist in Northbrook, IL right away.

Whether it’s an adult or a child, they would definitely experience some level of insecurity because of their broken or missing teeth. Fortunately, implants can help fix the damage and restore their beautiful smile.

Dental Implant Treatment

An implant is a titanium post that acts as an anchor, particularly for the crown or tooth, and is embedded into the jawbone. To get to the jawbone, the dentist has to peel the gum away. The implant is then embedded into the bone until it integrates successfully. Dentists often use titanium because it’s not rejected by the body. After several months, the gum is peeled back to expose the titanium plug and an artificial crown is placed over it.

It takes some time for the implants to become solid and steady, so better focus on post-care treatment. These include avoiding specific activities or eating the right kind of food.

Bringing the Smile Back

Implants not only keep the teeth in place, it also helps keep the natural shape of the face. Losing a tooth and not replacing it immediately can make the face droop or lose some symmetry. In addition, implants protect the jawbone and keep it healthy since they prevent it from receding. The jawbone retains its strength by supporting the teeth. If there’s no longer any tooth to support, it loses its resiliency, strength, and firmness.

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Beyond the operation, you need to be careful with your oral health. Dental implants help stimulate the jawbone’s natural growth and bring back your beautiful smile. They can even last forever if you maintain them properly.