Botox Treatment: Avoiding a Frozen Face or Look

a woman injected botox on her face

While Botox can give patients a naturally youthful look, many are still hesitant in getting this treatment. If this is the same for you, this is may be due to the horror stories you have heard or read about Botox. One common concern is having a frozen face/look or being unable to move some parts of the lips and the forehead as a result of the treatment, which then creates a natural look.

It is still important to note that Botox is safe and effective if administered by a skilled and trained injector. A frozen face can only occur if the injector made mistakes or injected too much Botox units. There is no reason to fear this non-invasive facial treatment, and you can still achieve natural results by considering the following recommendations:

Choose a skilled and experienced aesthetician.

Only rely on doctors, nurses, and skilled aestheticians to administer Botox. This is because they know the right amount of units to inject in your face for natural results. Avoid getting the treatment from those offering a cheap deal, as they might be unskilled or just starting out. When it comes to your face, it is important to trust only someone with the necessary training and knowledge of the facial anatomy.

Avoid over treating your face.

The effects of Botox don’t last forever, so you may be tempted to get more treatments to maintain the results. Avoid doing so, as over dosage and treatments can result in a frozen face that may hinder your ability to move some facial muscles. If it is your first time trying the treatment, Botox injection clinics like JW Aesthetics in Chester suggest talking to an aesthetician to manage your expectation. You can also start with small amounts to see if you like the results.

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Inject in the right areas.

Botox can be effective in correcting facial asymmetry without causing a frozen facial appearance. If one of your eyebrows, for instance, is slightly higher than the other one, the injections will be concentrated on the areas of the concern instead of the forehead. This then creates a natural look, without inhibiting the movement of your forehead.

The key to getting the results you want is seeing a skilled or a trained injector or aesthetician. Contact a Botox or an aesthetic clinic today to learn more about this treatment and to find out if you’re a good candidate.