5 Health Benefits of Botox Injections

Botox or botulinum toxin is popularly used to reverse the aging process. In the US, Botox remains to be biggest cosmetic treatment Americans avail with 6.7 million procedures done last 2015. Botox is widely popular not just in Utah, but in the whole of the world as well.

With so many people availing of this minimally invasive procedure, you may wonder if Botox has benefits. Surprisingly, there are health benefits of botox. Here are four of them.

1. Anti-aging

Botox is primarily used to reverse the aging process.Botox usually work by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, smoothening the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

2. Relieves Migraine

The USA FDA approves the use of Botox to relieve migraine pains. Botox, when injected releases tensions in the muscles when applied to the forehead, neck, and shoulder, which in return lessens the pain of migraines.

3. Stops Excessive Sweating

Hyperhidrosis, a disorder where there is an excessive sweat production. Botox injection blocks sweat production by preventing the production of Acetylcholine, the chemical responsible for stimulating the sweat glands. The US FDA approves this procedure.

4. Muscle Pain Relief

Another FDA approved procedure is the injection of Botox for muscle pain relief. According to the Mayo Clinic, Botox can help in relieving arthritis pain. Botox injection temporarily paralyzes certain muscles, relieving unwanted pains, aches, and spasms.

5. Urinary Tract Benefits

People with uncontrollable bladder problems can also benefit from Botox. According to the National Health Institute, Botox, when injected, allows the bladder to increase its capacity thereby providing relief for people with bladder problems. Botox also provides relief to men with enlarged prostate.

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One injection, surprising benefits

Hence, Botox does not only reverses the aging process but have a lot of surprising health benefits as well. Botox is effective in relieving excessive sweating, muscle pain, urination and even migraine.