What You Will Learn from Taking a Course for Cert IV in Fitness

An instructor teaching a whole classWhen you are aspiring to bring your health career to the level of helping individuals on a one on one basis, getting a cert IV in fitness is the way to go. Having such a certificate gives you the right know-how and qualification to personally teach athletes, gym buffs and others.

Fitness certificate III, the mandatory prelude to cert IV in fitness, provides an introductory knowledge in fitness that is enough to function as a gym instructor. When you sign up for an online or on-site course to get a cert IV in fitness, you will pick up the following:

Broaden your understanding of the fitness foundations

During the certification course for personal training, you are going to get a refresher on the fitness fundamentals, but with a more in-depth understanding. You will learn how different fitness methodologies are applicable to different individual types and what they want out of the training sessions.

Furthermore, you will understand more about the human anatomy, proper nutrition, exercise mechanics and more.

Discover the right exercises for each individual’s goals

Each client has a specific fitness goal or areas in their bodies that they want to target. In your certification IV course, you will be given the knowledge on how to customise a workout that will get the results that your client wants to achieve. Whether it is for weight-loss or better athletic performance, you are going to be taught various types of exercises and techniques to get those results.

You will also learn how to use various types of exercise machines and devices found in the gym, and on how to perform the necessary exercises without the luxury of a gym.

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Learn how to run your own business

Once you acquire the fitness certification for personal training, you can freely set up your own sessions and charge accordingly. Depending on the course, you will be taught on how to market yourself, manage your time and attract new clients.

Acquiring a cert IV in fitness is your key that will open the doors to your personal training endeavours. As a personal trainer, you can set your own hours, create your own programs, and be your own boss. Most importantly, you have the right skills to change people’s lives for the better.