Looking at the Bright Side Amidst the Death of a Loved One

White roseThey say death is harder for the living than it is for the dead. Funerals are the family’s way of coping with the sudden or unexpected loss of a loved one.

Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory notes that despite the sadness looming over you at your chosen funeral home in Clearfield, it is also your duty to celebrate the life your loved one once lived. Learn how to cope with the sadness and see the bright side of losing a loved one using the Law of Attraction.


The primary step is to understand your own feelings. Whenever you feel awful, your thoughts are most probably negative. Meanwhile, you’re likely having positive thoughts if you feel happy. Keep in mind that the stronger the thoughts, either positive or negative, the stronger the impact on your feelings.

Think Positive Thoughts

The Law of Attraction revolves around luring aspects in your life that have the same vibration as what you are feeling and thinking. The secret is to intentionally try to reflect on more positive, powerful thoughts.

But if you really can’t pull yourself together to think positively, consider doing the “Yes, but” game. This means every time a negative thought comes to mind, continue it with “Yes, but” and then a statement of a good thing that came out of it.

Since you are deeply missing your lost loved one, follow it with “Yes, but we had a great life together”. You can then reminisce the fun memories you enjoyed together and be grateful that you had the chance to celebrate your life with him or her. Keep on coming up with happy thoughts, so you will end up focusing on the positive experiences you had.

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The only way to heal after losing your loved one is to at least try to focus your life on the positive side. It may not be easy at first, but you must encourage yourself to heal to feel better.