Whiter Teeth May Be Your Ticket to Your Dream Job

Teeth Whitening

DentistIt’s incredibly difficult to land a dream job. Such jobs, by nature, have an incredibly idealistic vibe to them, which makes them much more difficult to get. This is why a good number of people don’t land their dream jobs as soon as they expect, or never at all.

Let’s say you’re currently searching for your dream job, and you’re running out of luck. After trying a number of techniques during interviews, exams, and such, you still went home empty-handed. Don’t fret; all is not lost. You might be missing something crucial yet simple: a smile makeover. More specifically, your teeth may not be as sparkling white as employers like them to be.

What the People Say

According to a team of leading dentists, a study of over 2000 men and women backs up this claim. The findings show that having whiter teeth goes beyond giving one a great smile. Since first impressions rank among the greatest indicators of employability, applicants with whiter teeth are perceived as more successful, employable, and even five years younger than they are.

The study’s results point out that a significant portion of the respondents perceives whiter teeth to be indicative of one’s wealth and social status. It was also purported that a brighter smile furthers the impression that a person was privately educated or graduated from university. This then leads to more positive social interactions between the prospective employer and employee.

Some Concrete Numbers

Another study conducted by an independent research firm introduces actual figures. In it, participants were subjected to simulated job interviews. The results showed that more than half of the volunteers (58%) were offered a job, including bigger paycheques after having their teeth whitened. In addition, 61% of the ‘employers’ also saw applicants with whiter teeth as more professional and confident.

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Truly, first impressions do last, more so in the professional world. Maybe it’s because the opportunity to make such is not something that can be done a second time. Applicants have a slim margin of error when it comes to projecting a good first impression, which furthers the importance of getting things right on the bat. And science itself has spoken: you can smile your way to your dream job if you play your cards right.