Tooth Loss: Gateway to Much More Severe Oral Health Problems

Dentistry instruments for tooth removal at the dentist

One of the most common misconceptions about tooth loss is that it doesn’t present health hazards. A lot of people believe that losing a tooth is nothing more than just a slight imperfection. The truth is, it can bring more than just an unappealing change to a person’s appearance. It can lead to bone loss, particularly that of the jawbone.

When you leave the gap left by a lost tooth as is, your jawbone is at risk of deterioration. Once this takes place, your face may undergo an adverse change. You can also expect diminished functions or difficulties in speaking, biting, or chewing. For these reasons, it’s best you know of the reasons why tooth loss occurs in the first place. This way, you can prevent it from happening. Or if it does, you won’t make excuses to seek the services of a licensed Northbrook, IL dentist right away.

Severe tooth decay

Improper dental hygiene is the leading cause of tooth decay, also known as cavities or carries. In a decayed tooth, bacteria has already severely damaged the enamel (the thin, yet tough covering on the tooth) and the dentin (the second layer housing the tooth’s tissues and nerves). Sometimes, a filling can still salvage the affected tooth. However, if the damage is too extensive, the dentist may have to perform an extraction already, leading to tooth loss.

Gum diseases

Gum diseases (periodontal diseases), which poor oral hygiene primarily causes, are infections that have penetrated the gums. Failure to have an oral health care professional treat it right away can lead to gum recession, which may then result in loosening of the teeth, and ultimately, loss of teeth. Also, keep in mind that the infection may spread all the way to the jawbone and put it at risk of disintegration.

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Don’t let other people’s decision of leaving their lost tooth issues unresolved influence you. Much better yet, prevent the causes mentioned above from taking your teeth away from you.