Teeth Care: Working Your Way to Have that Killer Smile

girl flashing a beautiful smile

Do you have what it takes to give everybody around you that killer smile? If not, you have to know the answers to three important teeth care questions that will help you work your way to having healthy teeth.

What keeps you from having that killer smile?

Two key factors may cause your teeth to be unhealthy and lose their sparkle:

Plaque build-up. Plaque is the soft, sticky substance that forms on your teeth due to the bacteria that are naturally in your mouth. It can cause tooth decay and gum disease. This one major thing can keep you from having healthy teeth.

Eroding of enamel. Another factor that can cause your teeth to appear yellow is when certain foods stain your enamel. Enamel is the outer surface of your teeth that protects it and causes it to have a white sparkle. Large sugar intake and other foods and beverages can lead to this tooth discoloration.

What should you do to have those sparkling white teeth?

To ensure healthy teeth, you should definitely know how to prevent those factors mentioned above through these simple steps:

Brush and floss to prevent plaque build-up. Regular brushing and flossing are healthy habits that will reduce the bacteria in your mouth that may lead to plaque.

Limit staining foods and beverages in your diet. If you want whiter teeth, cut back on your intake of food and drinks that stain the teeth and cause discoloration. It is also important to eat calcium-rich foods to protect your teeth from enamel erosion.

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Can I still have that killer smile when I have missing teeth?

If you think it’s impossible to have that killer smile when you have missing teeth, then you’re definitely wrong.

You can have dental implants here in Markham as a treatment option for missing teeth at clinics such as Markham Dental Smiles. Implants give patients a durable foundation for permanent or replacement teeth that is removable and made to go with your teeth perfectly.

Start working your way to have those healthy teeth and be generous enough to give everybody around you that killer smile.