Post-Brain Surgery: What to Expect for Your Loved One

a man with a trauma in the head

Do you have a loved one who recently had brain surgery? Do you still have questions in your head despite endlessly asking his doctor what happens next? Surely, there are many things you’ll need to prepare for and setting the right goals and expectations is important. Physical Therapy Institute Sports Medicine and Fitness Centre believes that maximizing your goals is important when going through any therapy. And therapy is one step that you’ll have to go through with your loved one as he recovers.

Therapy After Brain Surgery

Brain surgery can affect the patient’s feelings, thoughts, and behavior. And your loved one will need rehabilitation therapy for these things soon after his operation.

Speech Therapy: He may find it difficult to make the sound of words, to construct simple sentences, or to come up with the right thought for a given situation. Speech therapy covers all these.

Physical Therapy: Walking, reaching for something, holding a cup, or writing are some things physical therapy can help with. It can also re-develop the patient’s balance and strength.

Occupational Therapy: Using the toilet, dressing up, eating, keeping a schedule, or simply getting around the house are daily tasks that can be developed through occupational therapy.

Preparing to Go Home

The doctor will give you specific instructions about home care and any medication before sending your loved home. He should also tell you what to do in case of an emergency like first-time seizures, difficulty breathing, and anything else that may seem unusual.


This is going to be a huge adjustment for your loved one and the rest of your family. He will have a hard time telling you what he wants or expressing what he feels. Remember to be supportive and patient and never hesitate to call his doctor if you find that things have become difficult to handle. With the right care and the love of his family, your loved one will recover slowly, but surely.

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