Fluoride Varnish: How it Helps Prevent Tooth Decay in Kids


SmileThe moment your child’s first tooth erupts, you should highly consider taking them to their first dental appointment to get fluoride varnish treatments. In London, Harley Street is where you find surgeons and dentists offering world class care.

What is Fluoride Varnish Treatment?

Fluoride varnish is a widely common dental treatment for preventing or slowing down the progression of tooth decay. The varnish is made up of the mineral fluoride, which aids in strengthening the outer coating or enamel of your child’s tooth. It can be applied two to four times annually, but the frequency depends on your child’s likelihood of developing a dental cavity.

Fluoride varnish is applied to the sides and tops of your child’s teeth using a tiny brush. It will feel sticky at first and will harden when it mixes with saliva. While the application will not hurt, younger children may cry prior to or during treatment.

Is Fluoride Varnish Treatment Safe?

Fluoride varnish treatment is very safe and is used by dentists worldwide. It is conducted in dentistry clinics and hospitals. Your child will only be exposed to fluoride in small amounts.

Take note that some fluoride varnishes may turn your child’s teeth yellow or make it appear dull, but your child’s teeth colouring will go back to normal after brushing off the varnish—plenty of children are even fond of its taste.

What to Do After Fluoride Varnish Treatment

After the treatment, your child can immediately eat and drink; however, make sure to offer only soft, warm, and cold foods and beverages. Avoid hard and excessively hot or cold foods and liquids. Remind your child, if of age, to not brush and floss their teeth four to six hours after treatment.

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Some dentists may even recommend that you have your child brush and floss the morning after treatment. For best results, dentistry specialists from Harley Street Dental Clinic remind parents to follow their recommendation.

Note that fluoride varnish will not fully prevent cavities from developing. Use this in conjunction with regular visits to your child’s dentist, proper oral health habits and a healthy diet.