Anorexia: How Treatment Centers Help

An Anorexic Measuring Her Waist

Eating disorders are quite common across the globe and not easy to spot. Many people suffer silently from anorexia, and if given the right help, can get healthy again. Depending on the severity of the problem, their choice is between inpatient and outpatient treatment. Since the length of recovery from anorexia varies from person to person, getting timely help from anorexia nervosa treatment centers or facilities makes it possible to recover from this disorder.

What to Expect with Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

There are two modes of treatment available – inpatient and outpatient. The structure of an inpatient program offers a timeline in which patients are counseled and helped to reach a healthy weight. Treatment can take just a few weeks or even last months, depending on the severity. Progress is assessed on a weekly basis and treatment adjusted according to a person’s needs.

The Treatment Process

The first step in the process is to do a physical and psychological assessment of the patient. The next step is to take them to the inpatient facility. The patient is then put on a specific diet plan to help them overcome malnutrition and reach a healthy weight.

Patients are usually monitored for psychological health, and once they are stable, they are given cognitive and behavioral therapy. This helps in reinforcing positive thoughts and behavior. If the patient is a woman, the anorexia treatment center will offer estrogen therapy to regulate their menstrual cycle and strengthen bones.

Steps to Take After Discharge

Once the patient is discharged from the anorexia rehab and treatment center, it is important to keep appointments with doctors and counselors to make sure that they don’t relapse. Support from friends and family goes a long way. The fact is that recovery can be a process of a lifetime. Success and recovery depend on the effort and commitment put into it. It is never too late to get the necessary help as anorexia can kill if timely intervention is not given to the needy. There are rehab centers in every city and state so that one gets timely help.

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