3 Effective Ways to Bid Your Bad Breath Farewell

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath TreatmentHaving a bad breath is one of the sure-fire ways to offend somebody. The need to keep your mouth sweet smelling is almost a universal wisdom. If the plethora of breath-freshening products are not enough proof that the British society frowns upon bad breath, then nothing else could prove it.

No matter how orally conscious you are, everybody falls prey to halitosis. Even if it is just normal for your breath to smell less than desirable in a matter of time, it does not mean you should not do anything about it.

Unless you are the only person left on Earth, doing these three can effectively keep your bad breath from turning occasional into chronic:

Scrape Your Tongue

If brushing does not take away that funny smell or taste, then you are not doing it right. It is never enough to just brush twice or floss once a day. Bad breath stems from bacterial growth that mainly occurs on the surface of your tongue. Beyond question, tongue scraping beats halitosis the best.

Watch What You Eat

The fact that other people can tell the meal you had with a mere sniff it means your diet plays a factor. However, some can spoil your breath worse than others can. Pungent food causes, especially those high in sulphur like onion or garlic, causes unpleasant odour when digested. The halitosis-inducing chemicals go to your bloodstream, into your lungs and then exhaled out of your mouth.

In addition, low-carb diets are associated with bad breath too.


The stale scent of tobacco never works for your breath. Tobacco products contain chemicals that leave anything they touch smelling awful. To make matters worse, the whiff of smoked cigarette not only stay in your tongue, but also to other parts of your body (including your clothes).

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As you can find an NHS dentist in Slough, and other parts of Berkshire, that offers free smoking cessation, you have another reason to see a dental professional.

Bad breath may be epidemic, but suffering from a more serious isolated case of halitosis is something you should not let to happen. According to Moonlight Dental Surgery, if you think your stinky breath would not go away, it is a sign you should see your dentist.